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The Tab King’s are recruiting – join the team!

Come join The Tab family

Have you ever thought about being a journalist, illustrator, videographer or wanted to be a legendary meme creator? Well if you tick any of these boxes you've come to the right place.

The Tab King's are currently recruiting members to join our talented team of writers!

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As a national publication, Tab alumni have gone on to work at Vice, Buzzfeed, BBC, The Times, The Telegraph, Vogue and many more national and international media companies. So if you have ever thought of working in media, this is definitely a good place to start!

No experience? No problem! We are always welcoming brand new writers to the team and experience in journalism is not necessary. You'll learn at a very fast pace by joining our team and will have a load of fun on the way!

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Come join our team!

The Tab King's covers a wide range of stories from all the random, weird things that happen at uni to serious news headlines.

If you are interested to come and join our team find our event on Facebook. After our brief meet and greet we will head to The Vault for a few drinks!