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Meet the KCL Football girls who will finally bring it home

We know they’ll snatch that trophy right out of UCL’s godless hands

While England didn't bring home the World Cup this summer, there's still a chance to taste football glory this year, as the much anticipated Football Varsity will be held between the King's and UCL ladies this Monday.

The event for both the Men's and Women's will be held at Tooting and Mitcham FC, starting at 5:30 pm with doors opening at 5:00. Purchase your tickets here.

Now, onto the @kclwfc ladies that will steal your heart and the trophy that UCL has been hoarding for way too long now…

Megan Scott: Goalkeeper

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Here’s the last thing UCL will be seeing before missing the goal!

Course: Film studies (3rd year)

Hype song: Anything by Abba

Banter: 7/10 – she’s form the north, would be 10/10 if you could understand her.

Sports night rating: 9/10 – literally is the last to leave the club (vault employee), makes a ‘substantial’ double.

Flirt factor: 6/10 – silent but deadly, hide your mums.

Michelle Keller (Vice-Captain): Defender

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She's someone you can always rely on to win the ball.

Course: Biomed (2nd year)

Hype song: Black skinhead – Kanye

Banter: 5/10 a bit too nice, 7/10 if she’s drunk & feeling savage.

Sports night rating: 8/10 – committed to the sesh – misses the PI ball pit A LOT.

Flirt factory: 15/10 – loves a bit of karaoke & Korean boys.

Jeanne Soulard: Defender

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Next up is a defender who will shock you with her tackles and "head of steel". UCL won’t be left standing.

Course: History (3rd year)

Hype song: P*Tain de m*Rde – Naza

Putain: oui

Banter: 1/10 – she’s French.

Sports night rating: 8.5/10 – Comes out regardless of 9am dissertation meetings.

Flirt Factor: 10/10 – she’s French (will corner you).

Rebecca Visser: Defender

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This girl runs non stop during a game. Literally. She will catch you. Mo Farah who?

Course: History & IR (1st year)

Hype song: No good – Kaeleo

Banter: 3/10 – far too nice, lets see if tour changes this.

Sports night rating: 1000/10 – top fresher, makes great DIY outfits for the theme.

Flirt factor: 9/10 – she’s a dark horse.

Abby Goh: Defender

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She'll be holding down the defence throughout the whole game.

Course: History & IR (3rd Year)

Hype song: Power – Kanye

Banter: 6/10 – thinks it’s funny to steal your gin

Sports night rating: 4/10 – always late, has too many other friends

Flirt factor: 11/10 – plays innocent but gets what she wants.

Sonja Schnewly: Defender

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This defender will be sending the opponent’s attack right back to their half!

Course: Political Economy of emerging markets MA

Banter: 5/10 – is Swiss so very neutral

Sports night rating: 3/10 – came to Karaoke so has a good taste in socials but otherwise actually takes her masters seriously.

Flirt factor: 0/10 – yet to witness anything to base this off, but looking forward to finding out.

Sayesha Patel: Midfielder

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A lot to like, no wonder one of the UCL girls tried to pull her at last years after party. #awkward

Course: Geography (3rd year)

Banter: 100/10 – very sarcastic & savage , great laugh with the team.

Sports night rating: 6.8/10 – when she turns up, she turns up. 8/10 if she actually followed the theme.

Flirt factor: 0/10 – married with 2 kids (Abby & Ella).

Ella Allibone (Captain): Midfielder

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Introducing the woman leading the team out on Monday. It’s her last varsity and she’s hungry to win.

Course: Biochem (3rd year)

Hype song: Sicko mode – Travis Scott

Banter: Maxed out – never fails to make everyone laugh.

Sports night rating: -50/10 – can never remember the night, died at initiation (as social sec).

Flirt factor: 96/100 – only pulls Captains.

Bjargey Olafsdottir: Midfielder

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B sounds cool and mysterious, which fits her well.

Course: Human and Applied physiology (Masters)

Hype Song: Age of war remix – DJ Dahler

Banter: 3/10 – too nice, also doesn’t stoop down to the level of immature jokes that most of the team throws around (hopefully we learn something from her).

Sports Night Factor: -9/10 – actually takes her degree seriously and is too good for us all.

Flirt Factor: 0/10 – taken (another reason why we aspire to B her).

Nicki Brill: Midfielder

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Here is a midfielder who simply is ‘brill’ in every way, catch her scoring top bins from 30 yards out.

Course: Education Management MA

Banter: 7/10 a great laugh for a yank, vine references are her specialty.

Sports night rating: 1/10 – says she’s ‘too old’.

Flirt factor: 5/10 – we have knowledge that she has been on a Tinder date or two, but the success of these is unknown.

Sabina Hollywood: Attacker

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Course: History (2nd year)

Hype song: Disturbia – Rihanna

Banter: -20/10 – thinks its funny to put drinks on top of bouncers heads & get kicked out.

Sports night rating: 500/100 – shows up even on crutches, takes being social sec seriously, will text you ‘come DC’ every Friday without fail (they even named a cocktail after her) #shesalreadypeaked.

Flirt factor: Maxed out – makes everyone fall in love with her #heartbreaker.

Diede Fennema: Attacker

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The top "fresher" and top goal scorer! Her sprints and shots will leave you speechless.

Course: PhD

Banter: 2/10 farrrr too nice but be careful, sometimes laughs too hard at the savage jokes.

Sports night rating: 1000/1000 – maximum dedication (Prioritises socials over the Phd, stays till the very end, none of this ‘I’ve got a lot of work’ bullshit).

Flirt factor: 0/10 but will buy you a drink.

Yasmin Roudsari: Attacker

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Here we have an oldie but goldie gal who knows how to shoot her shot & get it in.

Course: Economics (third year)

Hype song: I’m still standing – Elton John

Banter: 8/10 – pretty savage

Sports night rating: 1/10 – has made some guest appearances but has cooler friends to go out with.

Flirt Factor: 100/100 – pulls people in her uber pool – her hoe days are a thing of the past though.

Ines Wood: Goalkeeper

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She’s built like a noodle, but can reach any shot UCL take.

Course: Biomed (2nd year)

Banter: 5/10 – thinks she’s hilarious, laughs at her own jokes too much, pretends she’s Spanish but uses words like ‘whack’ and ‘gnarly’.

Sports night rating: 90/100 – overdoes the clout glasses, massive lightweight.

Flirt factor: 69/69 – famous from Take Me Out (#auntyines), says men are trash then pulls.

Akhina Gaches: Midfielder

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Feisty and speedy are good words to describe Akhina, on and off the pitch.

Course: Psychology (1st year)

Hype song: Can’t hold us – Macklemore

Banter: 8/10 – cheeky for a fresher – needs to be told to pipe down when bringing up older girls’ love interests.

Sports night rating: 9.5/10 – highly committed, can handle her drinks but the phrase ‘chicks before dicks’ is still an alien concept.

Flirt factor: 499/500 – A saucy fresher, living up to the stereotype.