My experience of GUCFS 2022

This was my first time attending


Every year, GUCFS hosts an extravagant fashion show planned and walked by students at the university. The Tab Glasgow had a blast attending the 8th annual Glasgow University Charity Fashion Show 2022 that took place on Friday the 18th of February and Saturday 19th of February.

This year’s show was hosted at the brand new venue Platform. The venue felt exclusive with a VIP area with several drink sponsors, a large bar, flashing lights and of course the catwalk where a DJ played vibey tunes during the entirety of the show.

“Platform is a cozier, much more personal venue than the one before. I used to work backstage at the fashion show and I know how much work goes on behind the scenes. There is no time to think when dressing the models for their next time on stage”, Kika from the audience commented.

After a promo video of the models and the seven sins, a dramatic countdown built up the suspension. This year’s show was called CLIMAX, “A reflection on the turmoil and rising tension synonymous with our current social climate”. Each look was unique and defied stereotypes, allowing the models to add a personal touch to it. Our favourite designers were Wiktoria Zuziak and Egg Free Mayo.

“Some of the costumes were super cool”, said audience member Rory who was attending for the first time.

The dress code was black tie and the event was sold out. The audience watched each outfit in awe and got progressively tipsier throughout the night. We definitely recommend attending next year – something about attending the show made us feel very boujee.

Eleni, one of this year’s models, wrapped up the show and said: “The whole experience was amazing and I think nothing like any of us had ever done before. It almost didn’t feel real being on stage and hearing all the cheers from the crowd!”

Tickets were sold for £25+ in aid of Refuweegee, a charity leading the way in welcoming displaced people to Glasgow and Scotland. Since it was founded, Refuweegee has donated over 10,000 packs of emergency and welcome goods of arriving refugees. Check them out here:

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