My experience of Fight Night 2022

One of the best events on the Glasgow Uni calendar

Like many of us, I have spent a lot of time in the last few years at home, not really going out. I hadn’t attended a big university event since the Psychology Ball in March 2020. Understandably, after so much time not going to university events, I was looking forward to Fight Night far more than I usually would.

According to the event details, fighters had spent the ten weeks in the lead up to the event training at Kynoch Boxing Gym. And then on the night of the 26th of January, they would have to put everything they had learned in those weeks into 360 seconds of fighting on the night.

One of the thirteen fights of the night

Upon arrival, there was a massive queue outside the SWG3. The getting into the event was probably the least enjoyable part of the night. Those at the door were very strict. If one didn’t have an ID, or a Vaccine Passport, or tickets, one couldn’t go. Full stop. After a mishap, we spent around thirty minutes shivering outside the venue before we got inside.

Thankfully, we eventually managed to get inside with the complimentary free tickets we had received for reporting at the event with The Tab Glasgow.

Another fight of the night

We felt very underdressed. We’d been told that the dress code was optional black tie – yet it seemed everyone, but us at The Tab, were dressed up. Guys wore tuxes, girls wore gorgeous silky dresses… Whilst we’d turned up in clothes not nearly so glamorous. Anyhow.

Upon arriving to the heart of the event, the atmosphere in the room was incredible. The thirteen fights we witnessed were all tense, fast-paced and enjoyable. Friends of the fighters had made signs of support, bearing humorous captions such as “Josh Daddy Bod.” There were also a handful of presenters, filled with charisma, who helped to make the event what it was. In the breaks between the fighting there was music, various attendees dancing around the room, some drunk.

One of the hosts

I drifted from room to room, mainly people-watching. As someone who stays at home, it was just nice to be around so many students at once and feeling like life was more back to normal. It was also nice to see the kind of attire people had decided to wear for the event. There was also apparently supposed to be a raffle, though unfortunately I didn’t spot it in my search.

A sign made by a friend

Overall, it was probably one of the best university events I’d ever been to at the University of Glasgow. Just as good as any ceilidh I’d been to, or maybe even better. I’m definitely going to try and attend next year.

If keen to hear details on how to get involved with fighting in 2023, check the link in the bio of the Instagram account @glasgow.fight.night.

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