This Glasgow uni student went viral with her dissertation on Twilight

The post garnered 54k likes


One lucky English literature student has gone viral with her dissertation on the bestselling book series by Stephanie Meyer. The thesis entitled “Monstrous Women and Perfect Postfeminist Vampires: Construction of the Female in Stephenie Meyer’s Twilight Saga” has been a massive hit on social media, garnering 54k likes in a matter of days.

It turns out she wasn’t the only one to write about the popular series at Glasgow either though. Another student, Cat, also chose to write her thesis on Twilight. It seems writing on niche topics is becoming increasingly popular.

Those on social media were quick to praise the student. One user commented: “This is the biggest power move in the history of books.” Another said: “I’m DYING to read it. I LOVE TWILIGHT.”

We wish the student all the best now that she is graduating Glasgow – and we hope to be able to read her dissertation at some point!