A petition calling for a no detriment policy for Glasgow students has over 2900 signatures

Students are asking for the same policy that was introduced in March


A petition calling for Glasgow to reinstate the ‘no detriment’ policy for Students at Glasgow University has gained over 2,900 signatures, which can be found here.

The University introduced a no detriment policy in March 2020, meaning that students cannot fail the year, and any upcoming examinations could only positively impact their overall grade. The petition, started by student Luisa Barclay, calls for this to be reinstated, due to the disruption students have faced to their studies due to the ongoing pandemic.

Luisa, speaking to the Glasgow Tab, said: “I honestly never expected it to get such an overwhelming response and I think that shows how desperate students are for more support this semester. I personally found it strange that no detriment hadn’t already been reintroduced, especially as very little has changed for students since March 2020.

Four year Business management student Georgia, speaking to the Glasgow Tab, said “I’m mostly irritated that I didn’t even get no detriment applied last year because I was abroad, and now I’m just basically having to deal with working to the same standard while worrying about an immunocompromised parent, losing my job because of the pandemic and changing living situations.

Students are stressed out enough about dissertation and honours years in regular times, and I even reached out to my advisor a few weeks ago saying I was really having trouble with depression but basically got no support. It’s really hard this year and I feel like they’re burying their heads in the sand completely”.