Uni of Glasgow promises rent refund following Covid outbreak across all major halls

Students may also be entitled to a £50 payment for food


The University of Glasgow has released a statement saying that all students in halls of residence will be refunded one month of rent, as well as promising a £50 payment for food.

This comes after at least 124 students tested positive for coronavirus, forcing 600 students into self-isolation.

Various hardship funds have also had their conditions for application eased, and those self-isolating will receive food parcels, along with cleaning materials, bedding, and towels.

Principal Professor Sir Anton Muscatelli said: “I hear the concerns of our students in residences and I appreciate how difficult this situation is for them.

“From today, we are rolling out significant extra support measures so they can more easily access food, health and wellbeing and other supplies.

“We are offering everyone in our residences, regardless of whether they are isolating or not, a one-month rent refund to compensate for the disruption they are facing, and any financial hardship they may have encountered.”

A test centre has been set up at the Murano Street halls of residence, where over 1,000 students are staying.

“Our living support team are also stepping up efforts to proactively contact students, check on their wellbeing, and offer support. To make sure everyone has access to hot and fresh food, we will work with providers to install mobile catering units and give £50 to each student for food and supplies. This isn’t the start to academic life we would wish for anyone.” The principal also thanked those who were in self-isolation for ‘playing their part.’

The statements come after photos have surfaced of freshers trying to climb out of windows to get fresh air and be able to have a cigarette. Other pictures show signs in window pleading for help.

The University of Glasgow is not the only university affected by coronavirus. Students at Manchester Metropolitan University have also been forced to self-isolate after 127 positive cases, and there have been outbreaks in other places such as Liverpool. First Minister Nicola Sturgeon apologised to students yesterday for the start of their academic year, but supported universities to take action against those breaking the rules ‘as a last resort.’