This Glasgow Uni student did Chloe Ting’s 2 Week Shred Challenge!


If you haven’t heard of Chloe Ting then you are definitely not social distancing correctly, because she is everywhere. Quickly becoming the face of lockdown fitness, Chloe’s workouts are known to tone you up and help lose weight, with some people losing as much as 50 pounds (spoiler: that did not happen for me), so I decided to try it for myself and see if I too, could become a toned, skinny legend.

Chloe’s reps, which include plank jacks and bicycle crunches, are designed to work your core hard, and you’ll feel it for days afterwards.

The 2-Week Challenge

Each day I was faced with two to four workout videos to complete, there was a circuit every day, sometimes a lower body workout, sometimes arms, sometimes abs…usually abs…there were so many abs! Coming into this challenge with (what I thought was) a pretty good basic fitness, I was shown on Day 1 that I actually possessed no upper body strength and wanted to cry at how badly my abs burned. I had a couple of people ask if it is a good workout for beginners and to that, I say yes and no. No, because these exercises are not easy, I was taking breaks between workouts and sometimes breaks in the middle of workouts, this programme pushes your body to the extreme! However, yes because I noticed the more you do these videos – even with excessive breaks – they get easier and easier until eventually, you can run them back to back with no breaks at all.

Another good thing about this shred is that it is only for two weeks! I find super long fitness goals very difficult to achieve because I lack motivation so lots of short-term goals work much better. I never missed a workout because I knew it was only two weeks meaning I had to give it my all. It was also very motivating in lockdown, I liked to do my workout in the morning, so I felt set up for the rest of the day and had already done something productive. However, because none of the days want you to work out for more than an hour, even once we’re out of this quarantine, it’s easy to fit into your day (and you don’t need to pay for any equipment and we love saving money xx)

The Results

Now for the moment you’re all here for… the results. I watched a lot of Youtube videos of people trying this challenge and making crazy differences to their body, dropping 3 clothes sizes and losing large amounts of weight. My body definitely did not do that, however, I did lose 1.5kg taking me from 67kg to 65.5kg and I lost half an inch off my hips, waist, and bust! The aesthetic changes were good (I saw my abs for the first time ever), but what really amazed me was the difference in strength, particularly in my arms and core. I went from being able to do maybe 7 push-ups on my knees to do full ones, from my abs crying at a sit up to holding 2-minute planks, I feel so much stronger and so much more capable. Don’t get me wrong though, the aesthetic changes are good too!

I would definitely recommend this challenge if you’re looking for a lockdown fitness plan! I didn’t change my diet at all (probably should have as I’m living off home-baked cookies and banana bread) to get the results I did and it’s given me such a self-confidence boost. I was sceptical at first, but now I am fully on the Chloe Ting love train and I’m going to continue to do her challenges and hopefully continue to get stronger and fitter!

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