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Risk of Coronavirus reported in Scotland

A student at Edinburgh Uni has already reportedly been tested

There has been an outbreak of the Coronavirus in Wuhan, China that has killed 41 and infected nearly 1300 people worldwide.

The University of Glasgow, which runs Economic and Law courses in Wuhan, has a total of 23 Chinese student in their final two years of study.

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Credit: SWNS

It has been confirmed that five people are being tested for the virus in Scotland. The government said that people are being tested as a precaution.

It is thought to have originated after a Chinese student was visiting his family in Wuhan and became unwell then returned back to Edinburgh where he is studying.

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The email sent to all Glasgow Uni students by university admin

The threat in Scotland is being considered minimal, and the government have released that two out of the five being tested have already been diagnosed with the flu. There has been no confirmed case of the coronavirus in the UK.

According to research, the new coronavirus causes a fever, fatigue, sore throat and dry cough in the early stages of the disease. As the illness progresses, patients may experience difficulty breathing. It has also been revealed that the illness can jump from person to person.

Following the risk, Glasgow has advised students to take care of their personal hygiene and to take precautions if they become ill, such as if anyone begins to suffer from flu-like symptoms they should contact their GP or the NHS. But the university does emphasis that the threat is minimal and people should not be afraid, just cautious.

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