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There’s a Louis Theroux appreciation night coming to Glasgow

SWG3 are hosting a night dedicated to all things Louis Theroux, is this real life?

Whether you want to admit it or not, we're all Louis Theroux fans and what better way to display this than dancing the night away to club classics with holograph Theroux grooving away beside you.

On Thursday 29th March, “We Gotta Get Theroux This” will be held at SWG3 where hundreds of Theroux fanatics will come together to celebrate everything lovable about the genius himself.

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Theroux knows

The club night will have visuals on the walls of his greatest moments, loads of Theroux merchandise with even a chance to grab a Theroux themed basket of goodies. What more could you want? Oh yeah, dancing to the club classics while being in this amazing Theroux atmosphere. To win the ‘Theroux Basket’, all you’ve got to do is post your fave meme of the popular filmmaker on the event page.

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Chips and cheese alternative for the end of the night?

The event is part of a tour hosted by the Louis Theroux Appreciation Tour HQ who will have club nights all over UK for fans of the famous figure.

You can even get a T-shirt with Louis’ face printed on it – I mean … TAKE MY MONEY ALREADY!

Get movin’ because this event is going to sell out fast! I’ve already bought my ticket, why haven’t you???? Louis awaits!

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Look at him go