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Two men just came into a Glasgow University lecture and had a scrap

The lecturer was forced to end the class early

In the middle of the Bute Hall, two middle aged men came in and started fighting whilst a first year chemistry lecture was in full swing.

It's safe to say that all attention was diverted from the typical glorious uni PowerPoint that we all love.

So in typical uni student fashion, a Snapchat video was taken and spread on social media like wildfire.

It's claimed the two men in the video were homeless, with one person captioning a Snapchat saying: "Only at Glasgow university will two blokes walk into your lecture hall with a full takeaway and their dog, sit at the back and get ignored by the lecturer."

In the background of one of the Snapchats, the lecturer can be heard saying: "And I think we'll call the lecture to a halt there.''

First year Glasgow Uni students Tom Willis and Kofi Iddrisu managed to get a video of the fight, with many students looking shocked by what they see.

It's safe to say these chemistry freshers will never have this much of an entertaining lecture ever again.