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Why everyone in Glasgow is talking about Edinburgh’s Fly Festival?

The line up has just been announced and I have FOMO already

Ok, I'm not one for contracting the deadly "fear of missing out" disease. I swear. Much.

But Glasgow-based DJ Denis Sulta just dropped this video about Edinburgh's upcoming Fly festival to announce the line up and suddenly I'm getting the urge to cancel all my plans, sack off my degree and get a ticket. The vid is an absolute banger and presents you with the names of the DJs as placecards around a dinner table, to ensure your curiosity about the festival is suitably piqued.

The event's carefully-selected DJs include Seth Troxler, Gerd Janson, Jayda G and multitude of others. The fact that Sulta himself picked the line up has me sold. I don't know a lot about music but what I do know is Sulta is unmissable live, so it can safely be assumed the same about the rest.

And if the line up isnt enough, May 19th's venue, the majestic-looking Hopetoun House, looks incredible. Fly festival began at the band stand in Princes Gardens, where it's been held twice, but last year Fly bosses decided to upgrade to a bigger watering hole and, from the footage, it looks like it paid off.

Hopetoun House is eight miles west of Edinburgh, meaning the one-day festival is easily accessible from both Glasgow and Edi.

Tickets are still available from Resident Advisor for this festival mecca.