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Viper and Hive are battling it out over Monday nights

Viper warned clubbers ‘beware of cheap imitations’

Viper's 'Monday Night Heat' was put to the test last night following Glasgow University Union’s decision to open up a Hive night on Monday, with the strangely familiar name ‘Monday Night Hive’.

The decision to take the name from Viper’s weekly event came after it was understood that Viper did not have copyright over the tag line.

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Peace and love guys

Unsurprisingly news of the event did not go down well with Viper PR’s, and some serious shade was thrown on both ends.

Viper took to Facebook to post a video with the caption "Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. Don't settle for 2nd best … You're worth more than that."

On the other hand, Hive's PR team looked to promote the event with the announcement of a new and popular RnB DJ in 'The Well'. There were also free passes being handed out and free entry for the first 30 people who commented on their page with the hashtag 'h8rsaremymotivators'.

This isn’t the first time the two student nightclubs have come up against each other. Hive’s famous ‘pints of fun’ were found to be sold in Viper only a few months prior to this event.

It looks like Viper won't be the only one that's bringing the 'heat'.