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Here are all the places you can fly to direct from Glasgow this Christmas

Sun, sea and 747s

Since University of Glasgow’s exams finish early this year on the 15th of December, there’s a whole lot of time to waste before the big day. Glasgow airport is just on our doorstep, which is ample excuse to jet off somewhere fancy to find those special Christmas presents – or just to treat yo’self before Santa does!

We’ve compiled a list of magical places that you can fly to from Glasgow, for your perusal and pleasure. And people say Santa isn’t real.


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Capital city of Spain, Madrid has been added to Glasgow airport’s winter timetable as of October this year, which makes it a perfect destination for a post-exam time trip. The city offers historical architecture as well as modern infrastructure to help you get around whilst you’re there. With Madrid being the most visited city in Spain, it’s important to plan before you go. Don’t leave finding a good lunch spot until you get there, McDonalds is great but they don’t do paella, now, do they?


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Kristmas in Krakow is perhaps the most magical Kristmas of all. The city offers so much, with markets, street vendors and hosts of traditional food on offer. The Old Town makes for a great day out with bars, restaurants and shops close by. And in the evening, the main square is a hub of Hen and Stag parties with street performers taking over from the daily mobs of tourists. Bear in mind that Poland doesn’t use the Euro so make sure to take out the right currency.


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Despite their length, flights to Canada are well worth it. With Niagara Falls a short journey away and New York in the US just over the border there is so much to do once you make it off the plane. Before you travel to Canada, you need to make sure you have all of the travel documents that you need, and if you do fancy a trip over to the US you’ll need a few extra ones. Toronto itself at Christmas time is something to see with the Christmas market located in the Distillery Historic District. Jingle bells.