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The truth about Glasgow’s mystery graffiti artist

First the Pink Bear struck Library Hill, now Sauchiehall Street

Last month Glasgow's very own 'Banksy' caused a stir on campus with his 'free Palestine/ free Wi-Fi' mural located at the top on Gibson Street, near the Glasgow Uni library.

The artist – who goes by the anonymous alter ego of 'The Pink Bear,' has now stuck again with a politically themed piece concerning the Catalan situation, just off Sauchiehall Street.

The most recent piece is located just off Sauchiehall Street on Wellington Street, Glasgow.

The artist calls it a "comment on the battle for independence between Spain and Catalonia."

This piece follows the Pink Bear's trend of political subjects, with previous works referring to climate change, Donald Trump and capitalism.

Both pieces have attracted significant social media attention, with pictures of the artwork even being featured in Glasgow Uni lectures.

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Even the lecturers are obsessed

The Pink Bear has got the whole Glasgow Uni campus talking, so we attempted to find out more. Although the artist would not give us any clues about his or her identity, we learned a lot about the Pink Bear alter ego and his experience of Glasgow Uni.

Why did you start your street art and what statement are you wanting to make?

The Pink Bear's central message is to accept the meaningless of material life – careers, sports, social status, technology – and be freed from the constraints and expectations of society. Create your own meaning.

Why 'The Pink Bear?'

The most bizarre character imaginable to mirror the bizarre nature of your societies

Tell us about your journey so far

So far the Bear has taken over walls, billboards, road signs, bus stops and statues all in an effort to inspire different patterns of thought. He is looking forward to further exploring your world and promoting his message.

What has the public's reaction been?

The Bear has received a very warm welcome! His band of loyal followers continues to grow and global domination is on the near horizon.

Why do you prefer to work anonymously?

The Bear's activities are not exactly legal and the men who wear high vis and love rules have already chased him multiple times.

The artist also wished to add that a Pink Bear's head was spotted in the Glasgow University Union a few weeks ago, and could it please be returned to where it was found.

Left with more questions than answers, we can't wait to see what the Pink Bear's got planned next. Visit the Bear's Instagram here to see more of his unique artwork. For now, the mystery continues.