Hurricane Ophelia set to hit Glasgow today

Stock up your tinnies

The worst storm in 60 years is about to strike and the UK is in lockdown. Hurricane Ophelia's tail end is battering parts of the UK and Ireland with life-threatening 85mph winds, heavy rain and deadly storm surges. The Met Office has issued severe weather alerts, with an amber warning for parts of Scotland and Wales and a red warning for the whole of Ireland. Across Northern Ireland, all schools and a number of work places have been closed for the day – apparently the army is on standby as well.

Hurricane Ophelia is forecast to move over Wales, Northern England and Scotland throughout today, bringing winds speeds of up to 80mph. 12 flood warnings have been issued for Scotland today and in the last few hours the Met Office has extended its amber warnings to Strathclyde, Dumfries, Galloway, South Ayrshire, Argyll and Bute between 12:00 and 23:00.

They have advised there may be power cuts, mobile phone coverage disruption and danger of flying debris and damage to buildings in affected areas – which leads to the potential for injury and danger to life. The storm will hit the extreme southwest of Scotland hardest.

Transport around the UK has been severely disrupted due to the extreme weather, with flights and ferry services between Glasgow and Ireland being cancelled for today. Everyone is urged to stay indoors and especially away from exposed piers, beaches and cliffs.

Despite urges for the severe weather warnings to be taken seriously, news of the hurricane has broken the internet with a STORM of memes, parody twitter accounts and punny song lyrics.

Little bit of Kylie to lighten the mood

Little bit of Kylie to lighten the mood

Someone's even hosting an 'I survived Hurricane Ophelia' party, with over 8.8k people 'interested' on Facebook.

Be there or be - never mind

Be there or be – never mind