This Glasgow society is hosting a month long beer festival

GSMS has a new take on Oktoberfest

Glasgow Student Marketing Society are having their very own Oktoberfest themed month, and there’s so much beer involved!

The society are collaborating with some of the best and most famous beer companies in Scotland to bring you four weeks full of incredible events and networking opportunities.

And because we feel there’s no better match than beer and marketing we’ve decided to give you a full run down of the events:

Tenants tour

Tenants tour

Tennent's Tour (2nd of October):

GSMS kicked off their month of Oktoberfest with a marketing brewery tour to the house of Scotland's most famous and most beloved lager! The event included a Q&A with a member of the marketing team, plus a pint and some beer tasting.

Talking business

Talking business

Brewgooder (10th of October):

Held at the Record Factory this event will have you all clued up on social entrepreneurship, and to top it all off they’re even throwing in a pint of Brewgooder!

Drygate (17th of October):

This night involves a presentation on the history of Drygate, its creation, marketing strategy, and branding, alongside a Q&A with the marketing team. The presentation will take place at Drygate brewery and will be followed by a networking event with professionals from the marketing industry.

network and beer

network and beer

West (27th of October):

The final event of our Oktoberfest will be another Marketing Tour, this time to WEST in Glasgow Green. The event will include a Q&A from the marketing team, a pint and a pretzel!

Events Co-ordinator and board member of GSMS Isabella Veglianti says "The Drygate Networking event is what I'm most excited for during Oktoberfest! It's a chance to mingle with professionals from the marketing industry, and as a fourth year student currently applying for graduate positions, this stands out as an invaluable opportunity."

It sounds like it'll be a night to remember!