Just when you thought Love Island couldn’t get any better, they made a drinking game out of it

Three Glasgow third years made it, and yes they’re all boys

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If you have plans past 9pm these days then you’re one of the very few as it seems like Love Island has inevitably taken over everybody’s lives.

You promised yourself that you wouldn’t get addicted and sacrifice your social life again, but, what a surprise, you’re slowly merging into a full-time nightly couch potato.

However, it seems like Glasgow Uni third years Charlie, Daniel and Mark have saved your social life while fuelling this reality TV show addiction – they’ve come up with none other than a Love Island drinking game.

Without further ado, here is your Official Love Island 2017 Drinking Game:

1. Marcel mentions Blazing Squad: three fingers

2. Camilla cries: finish half of your drink

3. Someone is referred to as ‘babe’: two fingers

4. Someone shouts ‘TEXT!!’: four fingers

5. ‘So what’s your type?’: three fingers

6. ‘This is love island not friend island’: finish half of your drink

7. A couple’s first shag: FINISH IT

8. Montana’s eye goes AWOL: three fingers

9. Someone says ‘mug’, ‘mugged off’ or ‘muggy’: three fingers

10. Someone says something wet/soppy: two fingers

11. Bikini camera shot up close: three fingers

12. ‘Let’s have a talk’: two fingers

13. Boys/girls gym scene: finish half of your drink

Genius, or just plain lethal? The Tab Glasgow spoke to the boys to find out why they made the game and we can exclusively reveal it below so you can also revel in the on-screen feuds while giving your declining social life some well-needed TLC.

More importantly, how didn’t we think of this sooner?

Why did you come up with the game?

Mark: There was talk of heading to a bar for pres but we couldn’t possibly miss an episode so we decided to grab a big bag of cans with the lads and watch the show.

Charlie: To liven up Jonny’s chat.

Daniel: To combine my two favourite things in life – drinking and Love Island.

Soz Jonny

What have people’s reactions been to this stroke of genius?

Charlie: Heavily increased traffic to our flat on a Friday night.

Daniel: We’ve become the resident Love Island advisors.

Mark: 10/10 would play again.

And what is your reason for your Love Island obsession?

Daniel: Obsessed is a strong word, I prefer to use the term endearing viewer.

Charlie: It lets me forget my own horrible existence for a day.

Mark: I connect with the contestants on an intellectual level.

Putting it to the test

Thank the boys when your social life changes forever.