Viper hosted a Monday Night (W)HEAT

I bet there were some CEREAL Viper-loyals there

Viper hosted a ‘Monday Night (W)heat’ in honour of our naughty Prime Minster and her wheat related antics.

In a move away from the regular ‘Monday Night Heat’ theme Viper chose to jump on the political bandwagon in support of May’s wicked wheat revelations.

Absolute minx

It seems Viper were keen to show their love for our darling PM by dedicating a whole night to her frivolous past of wheat fuelled mayhem.

Getting naughty in the name of wheat

And students of Glasgow University were keen to get involved with many eagerly joining the guest list to ensure they could be a part of  the event as it started to (w)heat up.

Tempted to be naughty …

However we’re sure the night was anything but Conservative, with drinks from £1.50 and some Theresa May inspired ‘Never have I ever’ pres. The sheer number of people that attended  in support of the night was arguably beyond anything that our strong and stable leader could ever have dreamed of.

Absolute scandal

In a drastic turn of events there even appears to have been a moment in which people were chanting the PM’s name along to the music, yet after speaking to some of the bouncers from the night this seems to have been a result of some heavy drinking.

Savage scenes in Viper

And we can bet that despite many attempts, no one lived up to big T’s childhood antics…