Leaked designs show major doors on Glasgow campus replaced with revolving ones

The designs are identical to the library door

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Designs leaked onto Twitter this evening have revealed plans to replace major doors on Glasgow Uni’s campus with revolving ones identical to the library’s.

The doors to be replaced are the Fraser Building, Stevenson gym building and the Adam Smith building entrances. These doors are some of the most widely used on the whole of the Glasgow campus, meaning this news is bound to come as a shock to students who navigate their way through these buildings on a daily basis.

One of the leaked designs for the Stevie

The designs show the doors will be model “Rev X23” which is exactly the same design as the library’s infamously slow door – a design which often stops and causes queues stretching down Library Hill.

The door causes many queues

This existing revolving door has caused much controversy since its installation, with many students loathing it and liking it. However, our poll showed that a whopping 53 per cent of you find the library revolving door the most annoying thing on campus – presumably, there will be a lot of unhappy students in the wake of this design leak.

Third year, Jess, who frequently eats lunch in the Fraser said: “I’m just completely shocked the uni have approved these designs. Surely they are aware of how useless the current revolving door is.

“I for one don’t fancy queuing for my lunch for hours on end.”

Another queue caused by the door

Fourth year, Stephen, said of the Stevenson Building plans: “You know, this might initially be a pain but it might stop the gym getting as busy in peak times. I back it.”

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