Glasgow final year Medics caught cheating by ‘colluding on social media’ before exam

270 students will now have to resit their finals

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Final year Medics at Glasgow are freaking out as they’ve been told they have to resit one of their practical exams – after some students were caught cheating.

It’s suspected that a small number of the students had colluded before the exam, using social media to share confidential exam information.

Wolfson Medical School

Despite only a handful of students cheating, the results of everyone who sat this exam have been declared null and void by the University. A spokesperson for the University has stated that the exam has been rescheduled for May, and that “[the] decision has been made in an abundance of caution to ensure that the skills of our students are rigorously and fairly tested before they graduate in medicine”.

The guilty students are to face disciplinary action, and may even be declared unfit to practice medicine.

Mita Dhullipala, Chair of the BMA’s Scottish Medical Students Committee, said:

“We are aware of the decision from Glasgow University to require final year medical students to resit the final year Objective Structured Clinical Exam (OSCE) following concerns raised that a small number of students may have colluded during their clinical examination.

“This is obviously very concerning for both students and the medical school faculty and we support the decision to arrange for the exam to be re-taken to ensure that those tested are subject to a process that is fair and adequately assesses students’ individual capabilities.

“We will provide support to any BMA student members who are affected by this matter.”