BREAKING: Aamer Anwar has been elected University of Glasgow’s Rector

It was the most tense moment of 2017

After a controversial few weeks of campaigning on campus your votes have elected Aamer Anwar the Rector of Glasgow University.

Some have been worried that far right-wing figure Milo Yiannopolous would garner enough votes to win the Rectorship and Glasgow would have yet another notorious figure advocating for their interests.

After the past two years of having Edward Snowden greet the student population only through the medium of Skype, Anwar will be a much more present and welcome change to Gilmorehill.

The position is a prestigious one with Glasgow being one of only 5 Universities to hold the position. A statement on the University of Glasgow’s website says:

“Glasgow is lucky to be one of only five universities to have a Rector.

“The Rector has a number of key duties representing students.

“He/She is expected to attend meetings of Court, the governing body of the University, to work closely with the SRC, and to bring student concerns to the attention of the University’s managers.”

Describing himself as “an active, working Rector” Anwar said in his acceptance speech that “following the victory of Trump, brexit and terrorism across europe, the stakes have never been higher” and he aims “to overcome those who wish to incite hatred” at the University.

The University must have expected the result to be contentious with multiple security guards positioned at the entrances.

Principle of Glasgow University, Professor Anton Muscatelli was present at the announcement along with a number of students and staff.

Watch the live stream of the results here (orientation amended before results at 0:50):


Posted by The Tab Glasgow on Tuesday, March 21, 2017