We spoke to the President of Glasgow’s Muslim Association about Yiannopoulos’ proposed ‘muslim ban’

He says Milo’s comments are an ‘attempt to disrupt the unity on campus’

The ever controversial rector candidate Milo Yiannopoulos has stated that he thinks the Glasgow Uni Muslim Associate Society should be banned, with his strange reasoning being that he believes it would protect the LGBTQ+ students on campus. Students have expressed their displeasure with these comments – many defending the Muslim Association and pointing out the LGBTQ+ students and Muslims are not mutually exclusive.

Milo stated that the association is “homophobic and theocratic”, and fellow candidate and human rights lawyer Aamer Anway has stated that Yiannopoulos’ statements are Islamophobic.

We recently spoke to the President of GUMSA, Waqqas Hussaiyan about Milo’s recent comments.

He told The Tab: “The Glasgow University Muslim Students Association are deeply concerned about the comments made by Milo Yiannopoulos, a candidate nominated for the Rector position at the University of Glasgow.

“Milo Yiannopoulos has publicly expressed that, if elected, he would seek to ban the Muslim students association. As the representatives of Muslim students, GUMSA recognise that with all the talk of rights and free speech, Yiannopoulos’ comments and attitudes go against the principles of equality and diversity that the society and University, adhere to.”

He added: “The comments made by Mr Yiannopoulos are deliberately divisive and provocative in what, we believe, is an attempt to disrupt the unity on campus at the University of Glasgow. The role of the University Rector is to represent all students on the highest level of university management. Thus, electing individuals on a platform based on division sends a clear message to Muslim students and staff at the University. It undermines the important work GUMSA do, with national recognition, from interfaith, to huge contributions in charity and successful academic support sessions for all. It is through this work that GUMSA is able to make a vital contribution to the university experience of thousands of students.”

Finally, he added: “We will continue to strongly encourage that our members, as well as the wider student population participate in these upcoming elections. It is crucial that with every vote we ensure that we elect candidates who are representative of the University and student body.”

It is clear that Yiannopoulos is an undesirable candidate to many, and with the elections having opened this morning, it’s more important than ever that the student body votes for a candidate who promotes equality and would be a positive presence on campus – not a rector that would tarnish the reputation a University which prides itself on diversity and tolerance.

You can vote for your preferred rector here.