Glasgow’s most eligible bachelor: THE FINAL

Who’s it going to be?

We’ve already had the girls’ final and the votes are being counted – now it’s the guys’ turn.

It’s been a tough competition, but you voters have narrowed it down to two eligible bachelors. The question is, though: who’s going to be crowned the most eligible? It’s up to you.

We asked them how it feels to be in the final and what they look for in a girl.

Theo, third year, Mechanical Engineering

“I am honoured, nay, humbled, to find myself in the final of such an prestigious event. Nothing has meant more to me than to win this event. I will do my best not to disappoint you mum and dad.

“What I look for in a girl you ask? A good sense of humour and a resounding knowledge of Shakespeare. They must also have less than 30 photos of themselves in Viper, a reasonable ability to chin a drink and, preferably, a gold leaf in the Union. It’s not too much to ask for a well rounded girl.”

David, fourth year, Medicine 

“To be in the final is very exciting – who knows, it might bring me one step closer to losing my virginity (hopefully).

“What do I look for in a girl? A sexy anatomical snuff box.”

There you have it – the epitome of bachelors across the country. Get voting.