Glasgow’s most eligible bachelorette: The FINAL

The moment you’ve all been waiting for

It’s been a tough few weeks, but we’re finally down to the final two for Glasgow’s most eligible bachelorette.

These third year gals have beaten off all the competition, so choose your last vote wisely. We asked them how it feels to be in the final and what they look for in a potential bachelor.

Emily, third year, Microbiology 

“It’s so funny and sweet that people voted for me – I thought it was a laugh! I look for charisma in a guy – good chat and big shoes.”

Imogen, third year, Geography 

“I’m shocked and flattered to be in the final so thanks to whoever voted for me. What I look for in a guy is humour above all, but also someone that’s a foodie and loves going out for dinner or cooking!”

Vote wisely, people.