Glasgow’s most eligible bachelor: Round one

A strong first round

We asked, you answered.

Not long ago, we wanted you to nominate your pals for “Glasgow’s most eligible bachelor” and hundreds of nominations later, we’ve managed to narrow it down to a shortlist in the form of rounds.

For round one, we have a strong selection of intelligent, handsome and funny males. We also asked them where their favourite place to eat in Glasgow is, cause, let’s be honest, if you have bad food choices then that does not make you eligible in the slightest.

Bring on the boys, and don’t forget to vote at the bottom:

Theo, third year, Mechanical Engineering 

“I prefer to cook at home and get the other person to join in. It’s much more inclusive.”

Jamie, second year, Chemistry

“My favourite place to eat is Bar Soba because of the oriental spices and the 2-4-1 student discount.”

Ben, second year, Computer Science and Maths

“There’s a place in Australia called In Between Her Legs, I had a great time down under.”

Ronan, doesn’t matter cause he’s never leaving, Biomedical Engineering

“You can pick my favourite place to eat but don’t make it somewhere wanky like 727”

Cast your votes below and look out for round two soon: