In a world falling to pieces, Scotland is lucky to have Nicola Sturgeon

One of the few caring and compassionate leaders

The UK has been in chaos today after the shock result of the US Election.

Trump raced to victory, defeating rival Hillary Clinton and Scottish citizens appear to be in complete dismay.

One leader who won’t let the result sway her is Scotland’s very own First Minister, Nicola Sturgeon. She was our country’s knight in shining armour after the Brexit vote, stating she’d do “everything in her power” to stop Scotland leaving the EU, and now she’s reassured her nation again.



Sturgeon, on the Scottish Government’s website, said: “While this is not the outcome I hoped for, it is the verdict of the American people and we must respect it.

“It is normal in any election for those on the losing side to be feel disappointment, but today, many in America and across the world, will also feel a real sense of anxiety. I hope the president-elect will take the opportunity to reach out to those who felt marginalised by his campaign and make clear – in deeds as well as words – that he will be a president for everyone in modern, multicultural America.”


Sturgeon makes Scotland proud

The First Minister, who replaced Alex Salmond, went on to say: “Today must also be a moment for those who share progressive values – all of us who believe in tolerance and diversity – to speak up loudly and clearly for the values we hold dear.”

As well as addressing issues of racism which has been a key part of Trump’s campaign, Sturgeon also rightly paid tribute to the important feminist issues surrounding the Election: “I also want to pay tribute to Hillary Clinton.

“While I am personally disappointed that she will not be America’s first woman president, her candidacy represented a major step forward for women in America and across the world – for that, as well as for her many years of public service, she is owed a deep debt of gratitude.”