The first Syrian refugees landed in Glasgow yesterday

108 refugees have arrived in Glasgow

Yesterday was a proud day for Glasgow as the first charter flight flying Syrian refugees to the UK arrived just after 3:30pm.

Humza Yousaf, Minister for Europe and International Development, said: “This is a proud day for Scotland. I would like to extend the warmest of welcomes on behalf of the people of Scotland to the Syrian refugees who have arrived in Glasgow today, and wish them all the best.”

108 refugees were believed to be on board the aircraft which came from Beirut. This will not be the last flight carrying Syrian civilians as several more are planned to arrive across Britain in the coming months. It is part of a programme to take in 20,000 refugees.

Yousaf added: “These people have fled terror and tyranny and are some of the most vulnerable among those affected by conflict in Syria… the practical offers of support from ordinary people across Scotland who want to help alleviate the suffering of the vulnerable people caught up in this humanitarian emergency has been overwhelming.”

108 refugees arrived via plane yesterday

108 refugees arrived via plane yesterday


Although a number of refugees have already arrived in the country after the special programme was announced in September, the start of these special charter flights has been described as a “step change”.

So they are able to remain in the country, the new arrivals will be given a five-year visa. When this runs out, they will be allowed to apply to remain in the UK.

Following the recent Paris attacks, Home Secretary Theresa May said multiple checks are in place and the refugees will be thoroughly screened to ensure they are not a terrorist threat. She said that the programme is “taking people directly from the [refugee] camps”.

Today has proved that people really do make Glasgow.