Battle of the unions: Which one do you prefer?


There’s long been a rivalry between Glasgow’s two unions so we wanted to settle the debate once and for all by asking you one simple question: GUU or QMU?


Grace, French (MA), final year

Favourite union: QMU

Why? They have a better range of events. I feel like especially for girls the GUU is such a crazy place to go, St Patrick’s day last year was horrible with girls getting treated like absolute shite. QMU caters for everyone with events like comic con.


Amber, Earth Science, first year

Favourite union: GUU

Why? The events are better there…


Lizzy, Theatre Studies, second year

Favourite union: GUU

Why? Because of the top lad banter. Because the scent of the beer bar pleases my nostrils and because of the really happy bar man with the long hair who works in the beer bar. I don’t like QMU because the board games selection in scran doesn’t please my taste.


Sven, Philosophy and Politics, second year

Favourite union: QMU

Why? I’m not a part of either union as I’m an SRC member which means I’m more involved in the stuff which goes on in uni and concerns students. However if I had to choose it would be the QMU because it has the cheapest pint and GUU was weak on freshers.


Gracie, History and Theology, third year

Favourite union: QMU

Why? Just because I fell into it really. There was a silent disco in my first year freshers and it was really fun and ever since that’s my go-to union.


Annie, English Lit, second year

Favourite union: GUU

Why? Because they’re all top lads and QMU don’t have any banter. (Annie then proceeded to walk away chanting loudly “QMU smells like poo. QMU smells like poo!”)


Edward, English Lit and Language, second year

Favourite union: QMU

Why? Personally I don’t like sticky floors and it’s a lot quieter so you can actually talk to people over a drink.


Jack, History, second year

Favourite union: QMU

Why? It’s the one my friends go to. I’ve barely even been to the GUU it just seems a weird and a bit scabby.


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