Glasgow launches new poster campaign to tackle bullying and harassment

Be nice everyone

A new series of posters have appeared around campus to tackle bullying and harassment.

The university campaign, ran in conjunction with the SRC, aims to help students and staff facing bullying and harassment, with a particular focus on incidents which aren’t outwardly abusive.

This includes exclusion, sexism, racism or unreasonable demands from an employer.

Posters outlining examples of this bullying behaviour have been displayed throughout campus, raising awareness of the support available to those being targeted.

One poster reads: “’Oh, do we have to?’ Andy grumbled. ‘If we include her, we’ll have all that hassle with her wheelchair and access and stuff…’”

Another example says: “Jack was adamant. ‘It’s not my problem. If Majid chooses to attend prayers at that time every week, he’ll just have to catch up later…’”


The Full Stop campaign is supported by the University Principal Anton Muscatelli, who said: “Bullying has absolutely no place in the University of Glasgow. If there is still any behaviours like that around campus then we need to stop them, full stop.”

For any students and staff who feel they are victims of these forms of bullying, A Dignity at Work and Study Policy Procedure has been created by the University to give advice and action plans on the best way to respond. It can be found here.