Alex Burns
Glasgow News Editor of The Tab

Brother of Osama bin Laden is a West End student landlord

He owns exclusive student accommodation, Woodside House

Life’s a struggle when you hate hugs

What’s wrong with a handshake?

I let my dad run my Tinder, and set up one for him

He picked my matches and told me what to say to boys

Student Elections for 2016/2017 are underway today

Prepare yourself for the leaflets

£1 billion plan for new Glasgow campus at site of Western Infirmary

It looks so nice

Anti Roosh V petition gets over 40,000 signatures in a day

People are not happy

Vice Chancellor expenses night at The Ritz when a Holiday Inn is six minutes away

It was double the price

Glasgow is the sixth best student city in the UK

We’re also in the top 100 in the world

Alexander Pacteau has dropped the appeal against his jail sentence

Karen Buckley’s killer had been planning to appeal his 23 year jail term

There have been 18 sexual assaults on young people in Glasgow this year

Numbers have dropped from last year

The Art School banned blackface costumes at its halloween event

No room for racism

Stevenson building extension opens today

It’s been a long time coming

‘Safe zones’ have been launched across Glasgow to protect us from crime

You can hide out there and wait for it to blow over

Glasgow launches new poster campaign to tackle bullying and harassment

Be nice everyone

Medical lecturers at Glasgow are paid more than Arts lecturers

They’re raking in over 45k

Where are the best toilets on campus?

It’s certainly not level 3 of the library

The Arches closes early after woman found unconscious outside

A man was also reported to prosecutors over alleged licensing offences

Living at home is ruining my first year

If we go out can I stay on your couch?

‘That’ll shut her up’: Popular pub offers gaffa tape with every pint

Oh dear

Are you a West End wanker?

You probably are