Glaswegian Jihadi bride hits out at Syrian refugees for running from ISIS

She accuses them of risking their children’s lives


A jihadi bride and former Glasgow Caledonian student has hit out at Syrian refugees fleeing to Europe.

Aqsa Mahmood, 20, left her home and university education in Glasgow for Syria in 2014, and it’s widely reported she is now married to an ISIS fighter.

Aqsa wrote a rant on her blog regarding those running from the country she now calls home, saying she’d rather die in Syria than in Glasgow.

Aqsa Mahmood left her home in Glasgow ten months ago

Ms Mahmood, who has a senior position in the terrorist organisation’s all-women police brigade has not been seen by her parents since last November when she flew to Turkey and then travelled into Syria. Their repeated pleas for her to come home have been met with silence.

In response to a question on her blog about people fleeing Syria, she replied the people leaving Syria were risking their lives to do so.

She wrote: “Recently the brothers have put out multiple vidoes aimed at those who fled or are fleeing to the kuffar (non-Muslims) and their lands. It’s sad to see people of the west flee and run to Allah and the Muslims to bring back their honor to them whilst these people run to the kuffar and think that seeking help from them will truly benefit them.

“Those who flee to Europe are not the poor afflicted people of this land, they are the richer ones: those who are off seeking to fulfill their whims and live life far from Allah’s law.

“The Islamic State has opened its land to those who flee from war and seek refuge in Allah first and their brothers after that. They will get decent treatment and eat from what we eat rather than being caged off like infectious animals.

“I don’t think they are afraid for the sake of their children as they know the risks, which include death, that they’re taking just to get there.”

Scotland has recently pledged £1m will be used to help those fleeing from Syria and the terror of ISIS.