Murderer Pacteau was ‘self-loathing, he knew he was an animal’

The killer had been caught searching pals’ mum’s underwear drawer

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Former friends of the evil murderer have revealed disturbing details painting a depraved picture of a twisted loner.

The 6ft 4 monster even told an ex-colleague dissolving a body in acid would be “the perfect murder” five months before the horrific incident.

An unnamed pal told the Daily Record: “Alex Pacteau was very shy infront of girls, particularly attractive girls. He had self-hatred and knew he was unattractive.

“He was self-loathing, he knew he was an animal.”

Another claimed the 21-year-old became known as “a liar, thief and bully” and was caught red-handed snooping through the underwear drawer of a friends’ mum at a house party.

They are said to be “very disturbed” at what their former friend has done.

A disquieting photo shows Pacteau in a Sanctuary booth on what is believed to be the night before the sickening killing.

Pacteau staring blankly at Sanctuary photographer

George Taylor, who worked with Pacteau at a furniture business, told The Evening Times: “He said The perfect murder would be to kill someone and then get rid of their body in a barrel of acid.

“We just thought that’s Alex going again, talking a load of shite. We thought it was from Breaking Bad.

“I felt sick to the bottom of my stomach when I found out what he did. He had every one of us fooled.

“We spent four years together, five days a week. We called him the gentle giant.

“I had to take a week off work because I was having nightmares.”

The monster repeatedly hit Karen Buckley with a heavy spanner and throttled her neck in his car after leaving The Sanctuary nightclub on April 12.

He then eroded the 24-year-old nurses’ body in a barrel of acid at Craigton farm near Milngavie.

Karen’s devastated father John Buckley said: “The last face she saw and the last voice she heard was of that cold-blooded, cowardly murderer.

“Karen was murdered by a cowardly, vicious criminal – he is truly evil. We hope that he will spend the rest of his life behind bars.”

Pacteau has been placed in a special ward in Barlinnie prison because of numerous death threats made against him.

He will be sentenced on September 8 and faces a mandatory life sentence.