BNOC nominees 2015: Final round

Last chance saloon

It’s here, the third and final round of BNOC of the year nominees.

We’ve had some good, some great and some bizarre competitors but this is your last chance to crown the deserved winner.

Do your worst Glasgow.

Sagar Ghelani

Always out at least four times a week, this guy can be found tearing up Vipes, chinning pints and spreading good vibes.

Captain of the Hockey team and on the GUSA council, if he’s out, you should be too.

Constantly rocking a snapback, he drives a sick Audi and makes the girls go wild.

He’s the BNOC everyone on campus knows and respects.

Thom Gilbride

The mighty King of Viper.

Other mere mortals simply attend the high class venue but this guy practically runs it.

Clubs and societies have to go through him if they want any chance of sponsorship, the power is in his hands.

Will you lot give him the ultimate power play and make him BNOC of the year?

Nathan Stilwell

Known as the Stiliband on campus after a double defeat in QMU CSR elections, this guy keeps on bouncing back.

Numerous attempts to out the true bad guys of the world in the Glasgow Guardian, the second best news outlet on campus, have proven Stilwell to be a bit of a trier.

You’ll regularly see him throwing shapes in the mighty Viper or getting boozy with it in the QMU. But is this guy the true BNOC of Gilmorehill?

Tillie Russell

Skinoc as well as BNOC, Tillie is the people’s princess. Her popularity speaks for itself, and she’s a sick beatboxer.

Voted on to GUSSC committee for the second year in a row, it’s clear she has a lot of fans.

She’s sassy, she’s blonde but will she get your coveted vote? Only time will tell.

Joe Cameron

His nominees simply said: “Joe. Fucking. Cameron.”