Glasgow is the 30th best uni in UK

We’re doing no bad

Just days after Glasgow was voted the best uni in Scotland and 10th in the whole of the UK by us, the grown-ups have deemed us pretty good overall — we’re an impressive 30th out of 126 unis.

The rankings were based on topics like student satisfaction (which we beat Edinburgh in) and graduate prospects (which we also beat Edinburgh in) as well as entry standards and research quality.

These elements combined together to give Glasgow a very commendable overall score of 782, roaring ahead of the dunces at Strathclyde who came 38th.

And the weather isn't too bad these days either

And the weather isn’t too bad these days either

Of course the two superpowers of Cambridge and Oxford took the top spots for yet another year running but let’s optimistically say we’re on our way to catching them up.

Here’s to being number one next year. Or at least beating Edinburgh.