Cycle-powered cinema event coming to Glasgow

Eat popcorn and stay fit, bonus

Glasgow is hosting a sustainable cinema event on Friday — where movie-goers will have to power the film’s projectors by cycling.

Film lovers hoping to see the sci-fi classic “Soylent Green” will harness pedal power to keep the film going.

Environment conscious organisers on the Glasgow sustainability team have put together the special screening to raise awareness for their work.


Event boss Glen Castow said: “We have this device off one of our friends which you can attach to bikes and use cycling to power up electricity to project films.

“It looks almost like a briefcase, but it has a clear front so you can see it at work which is pretty cool.

“We all take turns to pedal — there are normally two bikes and you just raise your hand when you get tired and someone from the audience takes over.”

The best bit is switch-over time — the current cyclist has to pedal fast to keep the film running as the new one jumps on.

Glen added: “We ran one last year and it was really well-liked, so we’ve got a few more planned.

“It’s a great way for us to sum up our work and has proven to be really popular with a wide range of people.”

The event will take this Friday March 27th at 6pm. Full details on sign-up are here.