General Election debate comes to QMU

Which candidate is most likely to stumble this time?

The Glasgow University Politics Society will host the leaders of the four major Scottish political parties in a debate at the Queen Margaret Union today.


A deeply misunderstood monstrosity encouraging greater political participation.

First Minister Nicola Sturgeon is joined by Jim Murphy, Ruth Davidson and Willie Rennie in a debate concerning the General election this May 7th.

The Politics Society has dubbed the election “the most exciting and uncertain in recent history of British politics”.

While the result may be uncertain, whether or not it is fair to describe the monotony of modern liberal democracy as exciting is up to you.

Last week we encountered Labour’s nationwide leader Ed Miliband in Leeds. No one really cares how any of the Scottish leaders perform in this debate, but we can all hope that Jim Murphy looks half as good as this.



Sturgeon is of course a Glasgow University Alumna and as such is sometimes given the opportunity to deliver the odd lecture.

Last month she filled the Bute Hall to speak to Successful Women at Glasgow (SWAG).


She is staring into your soul and silently asking you; will you vote for her?

The bar will be open before and after the event, allowing you plenty of time to sober up during the debate before getting smashed again afterwards.

*Please drink responsibly.

Sturgy loves a piccy

Sturgy loves a piccy

We are required to inform you, and do so with the utmost regret, that the event is sold out.

However, we’re happy to say that the whole jamboree will be recorded by Glasgow University Student Television and Subcity Radio and will hopefully be released by Friday night.