Taps Aff: Drought in Murano

It’s water-gate

There’s no water anywhere. 

So those of you just waking up from your post MNH naps are going to have to sit in your own squalor until further notice.

And forget about washing your tactical chunder stained clothes for the foreseeable future.

cry me a river.. so I can get a wash

cry me a river.. so I can get a wash

But rumour has it that the water’s still on at Queen Margaret’s Residence, so if you’ve got a pal over at QM then head round and jump in the shower.

An email has been sent to all residents informing them of the lack of water, which is apparently: “a problem affecting a large area of Glasgow.”


It’s safe to say people aren’t happy.

Hannah 19, said “It’s like my human rights have been breached.”

And things got deep when, Shona, 18 said “Kinda puts it into perspective about how we all take it for granted and shit though.”

not at all dramatic

not at all dramatic


Don’t fret though, the toilets still flush, although buying some antibacterial hand gel is strongly advised.

Two litre bottles of water are also available at reception in the Central Services Building.

There might be a lot of greasy hair and a funky smell until further notice, but at least you won’t die of dehydration.



hydrated once more

hydrated once more