Glasgow to re-brand buildings to ‘reflect diversity’

Some say it is unnecessarily politically correct

Glasgow is to name campus buildings after women and ethnic minorities.

The move is supported by the SRC and First Minister Nicola Sturgeon who described it as “hugely important”.

The campaign came about after Liam King, the SRC vice-president, branded current building names “patriarchitecture”.

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The SRC confirmed campus officials had accepted their proposals.

A spokesman said: “Following successful lobbying from the SRC, the university has agreed to begin naming and renaming buildings on campus to reflect the diversity of the university community.”

The only building currently named after a woman is the Queen Margaret Union.

But the controversial move has been met with backlash from many who claim it is unnecessary political correctness.

Grad Allan Matthews wrote on Facebook: “The honour should go to the most deserving, not just because they fit a model of ‘diversity.’

“What a waste of time and a huge offence to those the buildings were named for.”

Buildings such as the Adam Smith could see a name change

Buildings such as the Adam Smith could see a name change

Names put forward in the campaign include female education campaigners Janet Galloway and Jessie Campbell as well as Andrew Watson, the first black Scottish football internationalist.