Humans of Murano: Glasgow’s answer to the international craze

This is so much better than squirrels

‘Get fucked or get out.’ – F. Jacks

First there was Humans of New York, then there was Squirrels of Glasgow..

And now, featuring feral creatures of a different kind there comes Humans of Murano, the facebook page that showcases the drunken activities of the inhabitants of the Murano student halls.


I spoke to the elusive F. Jacks who revealed his fellow founders of the page and the pseudonyms they go by: James Dillon as F. Jacks, Jamie Hamilton as J. Glens, Ross Lennox as B. Weiser, James Richardson as C. Morgans and Richie Sterling as T. Value.


The boozy bunch

We spoke to fan favourite F. Jacks in order to shed more likes on the increasingly more popular page:

“I had the idea for it ages ago when looking at Humans of New York and thought it’d be funny to upload horrendously drunk pictures of people in Murano.

“As opposed to the artistic ones on the New York page.

“We only made the page when we were mortal having a sesh in the kitchen and thought it’d be funny.”


However, unlike the page that influenced it, the quotes that come with each picture are much more abstract and philosophical:

“Originally I was going to have the descriptions being stupid drunken stuff.

“But one of my flat mates thought it would be funnier to have really insightful comments so we went with that.”

what a mouthful #deep

what a mouthful #deep

The founders also said they’d shortly be advertising a photo of the fortnight competition with the prize being a tinny of student’s fave Frosty Jacks.

So get fucked and get sending those photos in.