Oh what a night: Glasgow does fashion

Werk it

Saturday night saw the most attractive people seen in Glasgow sway down a catwalk for Glasgow University Charity Fashion Show. 

The usually relatively dismal Hunter Halls were transformed into a sleek runway for the GUCFS, worthy of North West having a tantrum on the FROW.



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The first of an annual set of fashion shows was raising money in aid of the Beatson Pebble Appeal, which supports the Transnational Cancer Research Centre and its cutting edge work in finding a cure for cancer.

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There was also a chance to donate more money through the raffle, and the prizes included a Dyson Hoover and a gift voucher to the Ashton Lane Institution that is the Ubiquitous Chip.

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Our charming hosts

Our charming hosts

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The fashion show was spilt into two sections, allowing the audience to not only munch on the complementary popcorn but sample the reasonably priced drinks. With Red Bull, Propercorn and Spotify all making an appearance the night was full of big names and big cheekbones.

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The luxurious evening saw a number of collections, with everything from kilts to sports luxe, pulled off by effortlessly chic models from the range of universities in Glasgow.

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In fact, many of the models had more structure in their cheekbones than I have in my entire life.

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This guy was everyone’s favourite

One of the particularly striking collections was by Lime Blonde, that specialise in ready to wear women’s wear with a heavy theme of print. The monochrome body con dresses and co-ords showcased the best in modern Scottish Fashion.

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IMG_0763 (2)

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Unsurprisingly, the crowd went wild when the male models came out for the underwear sections, with GUCFS painted on thier chests. Girls sitting on the runway gazed adoringly at the pecs that sailed past them.

be still my beating heart...

be still my beating heart…

The night was a thoroughly professional and sophisticated evening for a worthy cause.

Bring on next year’s topless wonders.