‘That’ll shut her up’: Popular pub offers gaffa tape with every pint

Oh dear

50 shades of grey alfie's bar domestic violence gaffa tape

A local pub ran a promotion yesterday offering free gaffa tape with every pint, claiming it could be used to shut women up.

Alfie’s Baron on Dumbarton Road said they “couldn’t resist” encouraging people to tape women’s mouths up with the recent release of 50 Shades of Grey.

Outraged punters described the controversial offer as “awful” and “offensive”.

One person even suggested the sign was on par with racism or hate crime, which the bar bizarrely decided to retweet.

Hilarious, isn't it?

Hilarious, isn’t it?

Not very funny

Not very funny

Scottish Labour’s deputy leader then weighed in on the criticism, saying she expected to see “their sales fall pretty rapidly”, and female rights campaigners suggested the joke condoned violence against women.

The pub responded by saying everyone had lost their sense of “hummor” (yes, they really did say hummor), before posting a sorry-not-sorry apology on their Facebook page.

They apologised if offence had been caused, but said the criticism was “absurd”.

Sexist and bad at spelling- a winning combination

Sexist and bad at spelling- a winning combination

The apology read:

aflies bar apology

The offensive picture has now been removed, and this morning Alfie’s Bar tweeted it was “Business as Usual”.