I went vegan for nine days and it sucked

I almost shit myself in public

It was all planned out.

My three flatmates suggested at the beginning of January a “super-fun” challenge -going vegan for the whole of February.

No meat, no dairy and, most importantly, no chocolate for a whole month.

Absolutely thrilled about going Vegan.

Absolutely thrilled about going Vegan

We lasted nine days.

We started off well, raiding LIDL and Tesco for all the fruits, vegetables and nuts they could offer – my trolley has never looked so green.

Soya milk and quinoa was bought, ready to survive this meat-free drought.

The first day was so exciting, we were all ready to begin our new green lifestyle. Who even needed chocolate? I had green smoothies and soups, I was totally fine.


They aren’t as bad as they look

The scales were also incredibly motivating – I dropped six pounds in the nine days, despite having gone out for four of them.

But I mostly put that down to my loss of appetite and constant trips to the loo.

On about the fourth day in, I found myself sprinting up Belmont street with the fear of shitting myself in broad daylight. I hadn’t even gone to Viper – this was all too real.

Not that I have ever shit myself on a night out.


I also had to bin my eggs which I wasn’t very happy about, and when I struggled to eat one meal a day I started to doubt vegan life was for me.

I was faced with the ultimate night out (Tab social to Viper, holla) but had to force feed myself carrot sticks and houmous so as not to be paralytic on the floor.

Not that the carrot sticks and houmous did much good, I still had to be walked home by various tabbers, and tipped the entirety of my bag on the floor in the club, thus losing my beloved red lipstick.

SOS Save Megan

SOS Save Megan

But a few of the girls were incredibly cute and made sure the crisps provided were completely vegan so at least I could snack with them.

But that wasn’t the worst of it. Another night out I found myself in floods of tears all because I couldn’t have a chicken pakora. Heartbreaking.

Eating out was also a difficulty. At brunch one morning I ordered the vegetarian option and had to give away my egg. And my mushrooms. And my beans. I paid £7.95 for a bit of toast, a quorn sausage and two hash browns. Great.

But I did enjoy making the food, and it was nice to know I could survive without meat. But having said that, vegan life was actually making me ill, and incredibly grumpy. Sorry to everyone that felt my wrath last week.

And so I succumbed to my beloved dairy milk. No regrets.

So pretty

So pretty

To be fair, I probably didn’t do my research well enough before we started, and I was definitely the least willing for this vegan lifestyle out of the three of us.

My addiction to chocolate buttons was always going to be hard to give up.