From fugly to fit: These transformations are insane

What is this magic?

These brave people have volunteered their horrendously unattractive childhood photos.

Probably only because they’re unbelievably fit now.

Calum, 20, Mechanical Engineering

Guy on the left is now a hunk

Guy on the left is now a hunk

Calum’s friend described him as: ”Blossoming from a turbovirgin into a playa pimp.

”He had a mouth like Optimus prime, but now he’s just prime.

”He had a face only a mother could love, but now girls come at him from above.”

See? Hunky

See? Hunky

Lizzie, 19, Sociology and French

This wee one had light adjusting specs

This wee one had light adjusting specs

”I wasn’t a very attractive child. I didn’t really care much about what I looked like or what I wore and had very interesting taste in glasses. My first pair were metallic purple and spiky, fabulous.

”Then I grew into my teeth and lost my horrendous glasses.

”All you ugly ducklings out there – there’s hope for you yet.

”Just ditch the crazy glasses and maybe get some dental work.”She's a beauty

Minnie, 20, Geography

The slopes couldn't handle her piffness

The slopes couldn’t handle her piffness

”I had the worst combination of factors working against me but surprisingly wasn’t bullied for being ginger and fat and having a bob, which mum insisted upon, although it accentuated my fat face.

”Oh, and she also put me in pink, which was just very cruel.

”But I like to think I’ve improved slightly, all credit goes to my parents metabolisms.”

Parents – 1: Minnie’s gym routine: 0

She's now waving the flag for fit gingers everywhere

She’s now waving the flag for fit gingers everywhere

Tom, 20, English and Comparative Literature

cool tshirt bro

Cool tshirt bro

”What can I say. It’s been a tough journey, and I’ve had to endure some serious challenges along the way.

”All I can say to those aspiring to look like I do now, is just to never give up hope.

”There is always someone uglier than you.”

Yep. Puberty did him fucking good.

Yep, puberty did him fucking good

Immy, 18, Geography

The paint on the face is just so great

The paint on the face is just so great

”Clearly my art skills at the time were never on point, but at least now my winged eyeliner is.

”Childhood is the time to experiment with your looks, which clearly I took advantage of, sporting my yellow apron on the regs.

”I like to think I’ve blossomed and adapted a good sense of style, but then again every year I look back and think – what was I thinking?”

Her instagram is the most depressing thing

Her instagram is the most depressing thing

Kirsty, 19, French and Spanish

why so serious?

Why so serious?

But the award for best transformation has to go to Kirsty.

”I was a fat kid and I would get the occasional insult here and there, but I was a sassy fat kid so generally I never got bullied for it.

”I think being an ugly duckling allows you to develop a personality and a sense of humour, since you could never rely on your looks to get by.

”Some people are beautiful all their lives but what’s that worth if you can’t hold a conversation?

”They can be dead up themselves too. Anyway. Exercise.”

She's just so happy

She’s just so happy

so beautiful. her hair is so shiny.

So beautiful