Is this your missing memory card?

‘Sentimental’ student sparks global mission to reunite family with holiday snaps

A concerned student has launched a global campaign to return a memory card he found to its owners.

Sweet Barry Carruthers found the card, filled with pictures of a family holiday, in a car park in Glasgow.

The snaps show photos of a family, two parents and their son and daughter, enjoying beautiful Scotland, and its iconic sights.


The family visited Edinburgh in August


The campaign garnered so much attention on social media it went global, with internet users from Shetland to Hong Kong helping try the family. One plucky Twitter user even contacted Ellen Degeneres.

The search started when 22-year-old Carruthers uploaded the images to his laptop and saw a lovely family holiday documented on the card. He felt compelled to reunite the tourists with their lost snaps after viewing all the images.


They travelled all over Scotland.


He told the Daily Mail: “This family had been everywhere, and done it all.

“They went to the Military Tattoo at Edinburgh Castle, the Fringe, the Royal Mile, Knockhill Circuit, Ayr – you name it.

“I’m quite a sentimental person myself, and I just hated the idea of this family losing their entire trip on the street.


“When people pick up cameras or phones, all they are thinking of is the monetary value – but I don’t think people ever stop to realise how powerful and important photographs are to people.

“I just really wanted to help.”

A keen photographer himself, Carruthers recognised the camera used as a Nikon, and pics of the family at the Fringe showed they visited in August.

The determined soul contacted Nikon to see if the camera had been registered by the family, and even called hotels seen in the photos to track them down.

He thanks everyone who has shared his mission.


Can you help?