Glasgow psychiatric patient turns himself in to police custody

Owen Bonner escaped whilst on escorted leave yesterday

escaped hostages patient city Glasgow

Owen Bonner, described as ‘worse than the devil’, went on the run yesterday whilst on escorted leave in Glasgow city centre.

The public were warned by police under no circumstance to approach the dangerous patient.

Bonner, 47, was previously detained at Carstairs State Hospital following an incident in 1994 in which he held two women hostage in a factory in Coatbridge.

Carstairs Hospital

The terrifying siege went on for more than five hours, during which Bonner made several unusual demands, including television cameras and a Michael Jackson costume.

Bonner reportedly tied the two female hostages, Geraldine Henderson and Louise Ward, to chairs using telephone wires and slashed them repeatedly, forcing them to recite the Lord’s Prayer.

During this horrifying ordeal, Bonner declared himself to be Satan, as he waited for his ransom of £10,000 to be met.

After the judge described him as ‘worse than the devil’, Bonner was found insane and sent to Carstairs State Hospital without limit of time.

Police, understandably, went into panic mode yesterday when he managed to escape whilst on escorted leave from the Rowanbank Clinic in Springburn, and strongly advised the public to avoid any contact with him.

Owen Bonner escaped whilst on escorted leave yesterday.

Bonner was sentenced to stay in a psychiatric hospital without limit of time

A detailed physical description of Bonner was given, so that he could be easily identified as quickly as possible, and a Scottish Government spokeswoman released a statement urging anyone with any information to get in touch.

At around 10pm last night, it was reported that Bonner voluntarily handed himself in to police custody and was quickly returned to a secure establishment.