Everything that will happen to you on St. Patrick’s Day if you’re an Irish Exeter Uni student

8. Getting your name spelled/pronounced wrong


It’s St. Paddy’s Day: The one day of the year where you can dress like a total green fool and no one can say anything about it. The hardcore Irish go for some form of greenery and a leprechaun hat, whereas others dress as all three colours of the Irish flag. St. Paddy’s Day is a day that can be enjoyed by anyone and everyone. It is the perfect excuse to get absolutely pissed for no real reason apart from the fact that you’re a quarter Irish. You can enjoy all kinds of Irish celebrations, whether that’s Irish dancing around the kitchen or chugging your third Guinness of that morning. The Irish love their Paddy’s Day, but if you’re really Irish, here are some things that are very likely to happen to you this St. Paddy’s Day (you’re probably used this this by now):

1. Irish dancing

Whenever I’ve had a few too many vodka sodas, my inner Irish starts to come out. The music starts playing and my feet start going. Every Irish person always unleashes their inner Irish after a couple of tipples. Even though I haven’t done Irish dancing since I was five years old, for some reason, drunk me LOVES to Irish dance. One baby Guinness and you’re hopping and skipping all over the place.

2. Irish accents

On St. Paddy’s Day, you already know everyone and their nans will be attempting to do their best Irish accent. They will constantly say “thirty” as “turty” and greet you with the usual: “Top of the morning to ya!”. Even though it can get extremely annoying, at least they are embracing the Irish. If you’re Irish, just be ready for everyone to ask you to say “potatoes” all day long. At that point, just embrace your Irish heritage and shock them with some Gaelic instead.

3. Pint chugging

If there is one thing that Irish people are good at, it’s drinking. When I say the Irish can drink, I mean they can drink. If you’re Irish, it’s only right that you whip out the Baileys from the Christmas cupboard and put it in your morning brew. You already know that the Irish are going to be at Impy chugging their Guinness at 10am sharp. It is Paddy’s Day after all!

4. Baby Guinness

Although Baby Guinness’ are fairly new, these shots just taste like Irish heaven in your mouth. The small, baby cup of Baileys and Tia Maria is enough to put you in the Paddy spirit. It may not be the traditional pint, but it’ll do if you’re not a Guinness lover.

5. The Luck of The Irish?

If you’re looking for love on St. Paddy’s Day, then you can get away with saying: “Kiss me, I’m Irish” all day long. You can win people over with your Irish charm. I mean, it’s basically the Irish version of a mistletoe.

6. Wearing green

Because it’s St. Paddy’s Day, it is the Irish LAW to wear green, even if it isn’t your favourite colour. Wearing green is a MUST on St. Patrick’s Day. Bleed Green for Paddy!

7. Singing…badly

You already know that everyone and their nans are going to be singing and chanting “I’ll Tell Me Ma” all day long. Their singing may be absolutely awful and you will defo get sick of hearing it being sung over and over again. But, it is St. Paddy’s Day and perhaps the only “Irish” song that people know. Even if they don’t know the words, it’s the thought that counts.

8. Getting your name spelled/pronounced wrong

If you’re really Irish, you already know how annoying it is to have your name spelled wrong and pronounced wrong on a daily basis. The Irish are known for their complicated names and their even more confusing spellings. So, if you’re a Niamh or Siobhan reading this, be prepared to get your name butchered on St. Paddy’s Day (as well as the other 364 days of the year).

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