Here’s exactly which British band you are based on your Exeter University degree

Get ready to be ripped apart xoxo


I’m sure EVERY student in Exeter has overheard the awkward first interactions between desperate freshers trying to make friends, asking: “What course do you do? What music do you like?”. We’ve all been there. At best, someone simply shows you a Spotify playlist they made and you gain a follower. At worst, a random surf boy corners you at a block party to mansplain the wonders of Tame Impala: “Did you know it’s just one guy?” Or, even worse, you hear an indie boy on a Cavern Saturday brag about this super underground band that no one has heard of (The Smiths).

When you tell someone your music taste, you are signposting what type of individual you are, just as when you tell someone your degree. So, this article will be unleashing the harshest Exeter Uni stereotypes with bands I feel represent them:

Business/Economics: Oasis

Just like the students that roam the business school, this band is basic, well-known, argumentative, obnoxiously loud and addicted to Cigarettes and Alcohol. The average business student has the ego of Liam and pretends to have the poetics of Noel to tempt you. Because of this, they’re pretty unlikeable. But, like Oasis, they’re guaranteed success if you put them on – I mean, they’re the crowd pleasers on campus. Even with all their red flags, they are the secret guilty pleasure of other students (as much as we would like to say they’re not).

Accounting/Finance: Blur

Like Oasis and Blur, this course is a rival to the Business/Econ students. They like to think they’re different and superior to Business. But at the end of the day, they’re almost identical: They’re all Charmless Men who are gonna end up in a very big house in the countryyy.

English Lit: Spice Girls

The best band of the 90s for the best students on campus (no bias, of course). With about one boy in every seminar group, this band sums up the experience of this degree – GIRL POWER! The average English student is a fun feminist with the simple mission to spice up their lives. These poor students are constantly preached at about how they’ll just end up being English teachers, and most of them just Wannabe left alone when asked about their post-grad career prospects.

Maths: The Stone Roses

These students are truly Made of Stone — no idea how they get through it, to be completely honest. They’re in the same Brit-pop vibes as Business and Finance, but are just FAR superior, like this subject. Students that take this course think they’re the best thing since sliced bread, and really Wanna be Adored for taking on such a difficult degree. To be fair, I do adore them.

Psychology: One Direction/5SOS

These students took this degree in the hopes to finally grow up and discover themselves. They’re trapped in their childhood — even with their music taste — and are a bit emotionally stunted. We all love 1D, but these students are truly delulu; they thought they could marry Harry Styles if they read a book at a 1D concert, pretending they didn’t know him.

Sports Science: JLS

If these students died, I would go to their funeral. These students are always stealing the show in TP on a Wednesday. Their course is notoriously undemanding. So, they can afford to spend their nights in the middle of the dance floor performing and winning the hearts of everyone on campus.

Philosophy: The Smiths

Like the lyrics of Morissey, these students take deep thinking to a WHOLE new level. The students on this course think they’re a charming man, but are actually self-pitying and a bit too emotionally open, especially with strangers. So, it’s unsurprising that they listen to The Smiths in their dark rooms trying to get though their long (depressing) essays, relating a bit too hard to Heaven knows I’m Miserable.

History and Classics: The Beatles/Rolling Stones

These students have nostalgia for eras they weren’t even alive for. They believe they were born in the wrong generation, only listening to the golden oldies. But, they’re not insane. Their minds are so powerful that they can actually convince themselves they were there experimenting in the 60s, experiencing Beatlemania and grieving the deaths of their favourite members.

Computer Science: Radiohead

These students are certified creeps for choosing this uninspiring course. They listened to the album Ok Computer once and thought they could study this degree whilst being alternative. Better yet – they realised Thom Yorke was a student at Exeter in the 90s and thought they could form the next Radiohead whilst appeasing their parents by studying an employable degree.

Law: Arctic Monkeys

The MOST popular choice of degree only deserves the best band. Just as you can’t escape Arctic Monkeys, in Exeter, you can’t escape Law students. There’s at least one in every flat, pres and social. Great music, great vibes, great students. Enough said. 

Geography: The Beach Boys

It’s not technically a British band, but these students can be the exception with their own interest being largely outside of the UK. These students are all about Good Vibrations and probably took a gap yah Surfin USA. They definitely want to stay in touch with nature whilst studying, but will probably end up in corporate work (sorry, not sorry).

Politics: The Cure

Robert Smith, lead singer of The Cure, has always kind of intimidated me, and these students are somehow even scarier. These students definitely only go out on a Friday, falling in love on the dance floor then realise they’re too right wing for the hard left septum piercing girls they keep attracting. They are firm believers that Boys Don’t Cry until they wake up with insane levels of hangxiety having run out of money. 

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