Here are the silliest things Exeter Uni students have done because they had a crush

12. ‘I learnt Spanish’


Being at uni, it is inevitable that some people are going to turn your head, or become key figures in the pretend situationships that you think about religiously and have made up personalities for – you know, just casual stuff. Exeter is a small place and you are bound to bump into people that you know, or at least, you can calculate where they are gonna be. But, because Exeter is small, this does not mean its a romcom! If you have a crush, it can sometimes take over your personality and it’s ok, because we have all been there. Seeing as basically everyone and their nan says that they met their partner at uni, the stakes are important over the course of your degree. I mean, it’s like Love Island but you get a degree on the side. So, we asked students what crazy things they have done when they had a crush. If you did any of these, we are officially calling you out:

1. ‘Going out when I should have just stayed in’

This one is not that bad but it is never that serious. If you are a victim to this, the locations that they have gone out to are pretty clear – like I said, Exeter is a small place. You, unfortunately, can guess where they will end up and that does not mean you should get on Overheard to go and see them. In classic Exeter style, you know which places to go to on each day and they probably do too.

2. ‘Drunk called him and he found out’

Drunk calling your crush is one thing, but fake drunk calling him is a whole other playing field. Then again, them actually finding out that you were sober is SO much worse.

3. ‘Went to a study room because he was there on Snap Maps’

You guys have your crushes Snap Maps? This one is an absolute classic because I can probably guess that your crush does Economics or Sport Science, so you KNOW they will only go to certain study spaces; don’t walk to St Luke’s because it is NOT the same as Streatham. Do not sacrifice Queens Café for this man. Do you realise how delusional you seem babes (we have all done this)?

It is hard enough to find a spot to study on campus alone, without taking into consideration where Mr Right is gonna be. Campus is a maze and you will definitely bump into your crush here. So guys, if one of your friends has a crush on someone, you need to know which places to hide in if you’re not feeling your best!

5. ‘Climbed a literal mountain’

Sorry? You what?

6. ‘I went incognito’

Ah, the disappearing act – it’s a phenomenon as old as time itself. We all know friends that have said they have a crush, and then we have not seen them for months. Suddenly, they’re MIA from every social gathering. Where did they go? Do NOT be this person, or be self-aware that you are. Do not lose your friends over this crush because uni is too sacred for that. If you “Facetimed him for five hours instead of going to Fever Monday” you need to re-evaluate your life choices. Next time, Facetime him at Fever Monday. Boom, you are welcome.

7. ‘I joined a society and went to events they like’

Oh God, it just gets worse! I don’t want to unpack this because I know friends that have done this, and it’s just rough.

8. ‘I pretended to like their music’

Do you actually like Cavern?

9. ‘I agreed that Schöffel’s are trendy and not a massive ick’

Even worse than liking their taste in music: Liking their fashion, especially Exeter coded fashion. Now, we all know that what a North Face is to an Exeter gal, a Schöffel is to an Exeter boy, but that does not mean you need to pretend. Exeter is a small place and it is hard to be mysterious. I think this one is actually one of the lowest ones, because I couldn’t say that with a straight face.

10. ‘Went to his house at 4am because he said he missed me’

Speechless, but real. Remember, there are better ways to express affection than through impromptu 4am visits and none of them have to do with walking to your crushes house. Also, the audacity to message you early in the morning when you are supposed to be sleeping is ickable.

11. ‘Making out my life is incredible on Instagram’

Whether you are stalking their account, spamming your story or posting on your grid non-stop, believe me: People actually don’t look through it as much as you would think. Put down the phone, step away from the screen, and pick up your books. Believe me, they are not ignoring you because they are going to lectures, they just haven’t texted you.

12. ‘Went to Varsity’

As much as Varsity is about embracing uni life, hanging out with your friends and “bleeding green”, we all know that some of you are looking for your future husband. Think about the sacrifices that you will have to make for this one though, the coaches back to campus are a nightmare. Also, you know the rugby stereotypes, so don’t make me warn you.

13. ‘I learnt Spanish’

No words.

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