Here’s the best guide to eating a gluten-free diet as an Exeter University student

Being gluten-free is rubbish, if you don’t know about these hidden gems


So, you’re gluten-free. Yes, I know it’s crap. The bread is tiny and falls apart, you always have to pay three times extra for any food item, and there is never anything you can eat on campus, so meal prep is your bestie! Well, as a gluten-free girl, I have explored all Exeter has to offer for us gluten-free people, and you may be surprised that there is a fair amount for us out there. If you’re going out for brunch and aren’t too sure where caters for a gluten-free diet, well I have got you covered. While none of these can 100 per cent cater to, and guarantee a safe space for coeliacs, many do provide delicious alternatives that don’t leave you in crippling pain.

Sacred Grounds:

Up first we have a favourite brunch spot of mine. Whilst this is an all-vegan cafe, it does offer a vast array of gluten-free meals including the delicious buckwheat waffles which are either sweet or savoury, as depicted above with tofu. I can tell you these are excellent! Crispy on the edges, but soft and fluffy in the middle. This is the most delicious and unique gluten-free dish I’ve ever had, plus it’s also vegan. Additionally, all their food can easily be adapted for gluten-free folks and they change up their menu seasonally, so there are always new things to try! Plus, the staff are super friendly and helpful!


Now you fancy a sweet treat. There’s nowhere better to go than Cocorico on Commins Road, just off Pinhoe Road, for your gluten-free fix. As an entirely gluten-free bakery, you can rest assured all cakes are safe for coeliacs and delicious. Ranging from brownies to blondies, there is something sweet for everyone. They also serve coffee, the perfect stop for a midday treat. My personal favourite is the mango flapjack, just wow.

Dinner time:

Ok, so it’s getting to 6:00pm and you’re starting to get a bit peckish. Not sure what you fancy for dinner? Well, there are plenty of gluten-free options in Exeter. If you want something fresh and full of goodness then wander down to Guild Hall and head to Pho. This Vietnamese restaurant is naturally gluten-free and is bursting with flavour and colour. Almost all dishes are gluten-free meaning there is so much variety you can choose from; summer rolls, rice and noodle dishes, and don’t forget the prawn crackers with their fiery sweet chilli sauce.

However, if you want something more decadent and fancy a pizza then I recommend two pizza restaurants in Exeter. The Flat on Fore Street offers amazing gluten-free bases which are doughy and delicious. However, if you’re meat lover and need your pepperoni fix then this vegetarian restaurant may not be for you. However, Portal Pizza on Magdalene Road will sort you out. The fun interior and super relaxed atmosphere make for the perfect dinner spot for any occasion. Offering homemade gluten-free bases and both meat and veggie options, this place has something for everyone. The staff are also amazing and super friendly, plus they have Negroni on tap, what’s not to love?

Other restaurants that cater well for gluten-free are Côte and Bills, both of which offer amazing brunch and dinner options, providing specific gluten-free menus on request! I’ve also heard Eat the Bird has a full gluten-free menu and has teamed up with The Turks Head so you can pair your chicken burger with the perfect pint.

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